W7GX becomes a BIG-GUN
Hey I got a tower up yesterday! I had some great help and was hoping to give some credit to a couple of hams who helped erect it. Cyrel Moore, KC7NHT and Roger, KA7CWU helped as well as a friend Chris who is not a ham. I was on the roof manning the wench. Basically I put together 38' of Rohn 25G and installed a Force 12 eriband antenna and above that I put my Cushcraft 5 el 6 meter beam and on top of that a Diamond dual band 2 meter 440 vertical. I dug a 3x3x3 foot hole and then had the guys come over. Roger just happened to stop by while we were putting it up but he was a big help. It was tough because of the location on the side of my house but we got it done and no one was hurt! I have the concrete coming on Monday. Sure happy to have it up and cant wait to put it to use.
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